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After a year and a half of planning--and Bentley's carrying around the engagement ring in his pocket for days, possibly weeks, before he chose the exact moment to ask Maria to marry him--Maria and Bentley were married in Tarrytown, New York, before their family and friends.

It was a lovely day, and as right now the newlyweds are backpacking through Greece, we've created this page for them and for you to share memories of that day in their absence: read the narrative about their wedding weekend, watch a brief movie of the climactic "kiss the bride" moment, and look at lots of wedding pictures (some thumbnails, some giant/printable, and some in between).

You may also be interested in reading Bentley's pre-wedding informational website and our bridal shower web essay and photo gallery. To make prints of the higher-quality pictures from these sites, download them to your harddrive and use a photo-quality printer or an online service.

Maria and Bentley, we wish you all the best, and we were very happy to have been a part of your wedding celebration.

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