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Kissing for the photographer in a pre-wedding session

The entire wedding party, Pose 1

The entire wedding party, Pose 2

With the bridesmaids

With the groomsmen

Bridesmaids, Pose 1

Bridesmaids, Pose 2


With the Matron of Honor and the two Best Men

With Bentley's immediate family

With Maria's parents

Cousins, Bride and Matron of Honor, Pose 1

Cousins, Pose 2

Maria's family: Uncle Harry, Christina, Aunt Connie, Aunt Mary

Harry, Connie, Christina, Robert

Aunt Grace (Grandma) and Aunt Mary

Connie, Jenna, Aunt Mary, Aunt Grace, Annie

Chris, Jeff, Steve, Robert, Harry, Sal (the men in Maria's maternal family)

The three officiating ministers

The three grandmothers

Escorting in Maria's Grandma Grace

Escorting in Bentley's Grandma

Escorting in Maria's Grandma Maura

Processional: Jeff and Hannah

Processional: Jon and Adele

Processional: Juan and Meghan

Processional: Andrew (Bentley's brother) and Deanne

Processional: Rudd (Bentley's brother) and Christina

Processional: Maria and her parents

Walking down the petal-strewn aisle into the tent

During the ceremony

Steve gives the benediction

The newlyweds' first dance

The bride's dance with her father, 1

With her father, 2

With her father, 3

Before the cutting of the cake

Cutting the cake

Feeding each other cake

Maria and Grandma Grace, pausing on the dancefloor

Annie, Christina, and Aunt Grace, dancing at the latter's insistence

Unintentional matching dresses: the bride's Aunt Mary and the groom's grandmother
Waving goodbye, going upstairs to change before leaving the reception

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