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Saturday, May 26

The service was lovely, but also had its lighter moments: both Maria and Bently became very emotional, andthen, in a flustered moment, Steve pronounced, “Inasmuch as you, Bentley and Marie-- [Five-second pause.] Uh. [Two-second pause.] Marie-uh. [Pause.] Maria!,” thereby getting his own daughter’s name wrong, much to everyone’s amusement. To get an idea of what the ceremony was like, watch our twenty-second video of the "kiss the bride" moment on a separate page. Also see some shots of the processional and the ceremony on our photo album page.

When the ceremony was over, walking up the steps proved to be much more difficult than walking down, and several people in the bridal party stumbled, but no one fell.

At the top of this page are Maria and Bentley with the two officiating ministers who went to seminary with Steve, under the tent and in front of the archway of flowers. Above left and at right are most of the seated wedding guests, just before the grandmothers were escorted down the aisle, on the groom's and bride's sides, respectively.

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