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Friday, May 25

Around 7pm, we made our way back to the Tarrytown House for the rehearsal dinner, arranged of course by Bentley’s parents Roger and Cookie. At this point, it’s worthwhile noting that after the eventful trip with us over to the rehearsal, Aunt Grace made sure to go back in someone else’s car. Once at the dinner, we had two adjoining rooms with tables, one entryway, and one room set up with the buffet, which was pleasant Middle Eastern food and pies and cookies for dessert, plus soft drinks. Bentley and Maria gave their groomsmen and bridesmaids thank-you gifts, which you can see two of the groomsmen opening here. Above is a photograph of a fascinating phenomenon: all but a few of the younger males present adopted the same "uniform" of khakis and a blue shirt (though the shades did vary). Bentley is front and center.

During dinner, Bentley’s older brother Rudd played a mix over the music system, and after dinner, everyone was treated to a slide show of pictures from the course of Maria and Bentley’s lives, to the tunes of a different mix that Maria and Bentley selected themselves. It was a very lovely evening.

After the slide show (which was old-fashioned and manual, though very touching and funny--here are Rudd and Melissa organizing it), Robert and I tried to inject a little new technology into the evening by hooking my iBook up to a powered speaker the hotel supplied, and playing a playlist of romantic .mp3s we’d made up for Maria and Bentley on the trip down. My father and mother danced briefly to some of the oldies on the playlist, and then my father danced with Jenna. Maria also opened our wedding gift to her, which was complete with a card I designed for them, encorporating a digital picture my mother took at their engagement party, and printed out by Shutterfly, an online photo service. Then we took some family and group pictures, including the candids and amusing posed shots on these pages. When everyone dispersed, we went with my parents, aunts, and cousins Chris and Jeff briefly to Aunt Mary and Aunt Grace’s room to have Italian bakery cookies and watch a few minutes of the Lakers playoff game.

Above are two very interesting pictures: at left is a radiant Maria, with her mother, the night before her wedding. At right, is Bentley, the same night, caught by the camera at an odd moment--"What's tomorrow? I thought she said, 'Carry me!'" (Just kidding, Maria--I think he was actually trying to give someone directions to the James House (read more about it here) to ensure they didn't miss the turn-off tomorrow!)

Here I have to pause in my chronological account of the weekend to note that just before we left Boston, I went to the webpage of the hotel we were staying at—the Dolce Tarrytown House—to find directions to the hotel and important addresses and phone numbers. Right on the main page is the personal email address for a Mr. Chris Dolce, General Manager (and presumably, because of his name, owner of the Dolce resorts). I took note of this, but forgot Chris’s first name for the time being. At the rehearsal dinner, therefore, after becoming aware of several unfortunate issues with the hotel accomodations, I decided to write an email to Tony—as I then misremembered his name and even now think sounds much better then “Chris”—Dolce. You can read the text of that letter if you’d like.

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