happily expecting Baby Michaud

(due late August or early September 2008)

Robert and I have been together since we met at the Tower Court Mixer at Wellesley the night before my first day of classes in my first year. When Baby Michaud arrives, we will have been together almost fifteen years, and married for over ten of them (Robert calculates these things down to the months and weeks, but that's not quite my level of precision).

Like my parents, who were married fifteen years before they had me, Robert and I had plenty of time just for us, for crazy running-out-for-ice-cream times or opening-night movies until 4:00 in the morning. I don’t mean to say there will never be anything spontaneous again, or that we’ll never take anymore long rambling trips again—just that we realize that life changes with a child, and that's okay: we don’t feel like we missed out on anything, on any part of our lives, so far. We also didn't want to be like the stereotypical smart couple in Idiocracy who forever postpones having a baby because it's not the "right time"—we decided that now, really, was right enough.

Robert, ever the economist, thought of it this way:

We are planning a natural, midwife-attended homebirth; since I'm not having any tests done that are not medically necessary, we will not find out the baby's sex until birth. For now, we've chosen a girl's name and a boy's name: Grace Leia, for a girl, and Marcus Omer, for a boy.

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