Robert and Christina Have a Baby: Announcing Marcus Omer

Week Three Pictures

You can think of this week as "Fun with Baby" week, as Marcus starts to seem a tad less fragile and more pliable to us.

Here's Marcus in his Moses basket all wrapped up in his little fleece swaddle suit for the night. He's in between my side of the bed and the mirrored closet door. He always looks a little worried when we get him ready for bed, but once swaddled he sleeps very happily (if sweatily) for a good three- to four-hour stretch before waking up to eat again.

Robert's Grandma Helena dug out the picture above, taken in the hospital on the day that Robert is born. It's the same baby! Yes, Robert was a little fatter overall, but wow, those are exactly the same chin, lips, and nose--it's like they puffed up our baby and cloned him!

Here's Robert accompanying Marcus to his first-ever ice cream store (actually the Fun Food Snackery in Allston, for a brr-ito--appropriate since we sometimes call the swaddled Marcus at night our baby burrito).

Who knew that Pottery Barn Kids was going to have an entire Star-Wars-themed bedroom set the very month we had our baby? We had to make a special trip (Marcus is here happily sleeping in his Moby wrap, by the way) to buy Star Wars sheets to put away for the day down the line when Marcus moves into a big-boy bed.

Robert likes admiring baby biceps. He wishes there were more rigorous baby strength tests so he could demonstrate how superior Marcus is to other babies on all possible fronts.

Here I am with Marcus showing off the hat and booties I crocheted back in June or so. The booties are way too large now, giving his feet a bizarre turned-up elf look, but the hat fits. Too bad our sweaty baby is way too hot for hats now!

Here's Robert holding his iPhone and his son. It's a pretty typical picture, actually, of our day-to-day life. The baby and the iPhone rival each other in squeaks and beeps as Robert plays various games.

And finally, grandparents and great-grandparents hold Marcus happily.


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