Robert and Christina Have a Baby: Announcing Marcus Omer

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Week One Pictures

Marcus is a week old today, so I figured I'd update this page. Everyone comments that he was born quite tall for his weight--tall and thin like his father--and everyone also observes that he seems to have very large hands/long fingers for a newborn. He was slow to get started nursing, but once he figured it out he's been making up for lost time and eating pretty continuously. He's got Robert's chocolate-colored brown eyes, and he's got long eyelashes. Kelley (our midwife) came back to check on him twelve hours after birth, then the day after the birth, then on the third day after the birth. We also had a private lactation consultant come on the fourth day, and we saw our regular pediatrician on the fifth day--he's been a thoroughly-checked-out baby, and everyone says he is perfect: gaining weight back well by day 4, not at all jaundiced, eating well, and generally enjoying life.

Friday, 8/22: After the cord stops pulsating, Robert cuts the cord (blurry, but you get the idea) and I hold the swaddled Marcus just a few minutes after that.

Saturday, 8/23: My father displays the door hanging, with pockets, that he and my mother made for the door to Marcus's room; Kelley (our fabulous midwife) adjusts her headpiece after checking in on us all again.

Sunday, 8/24: We snap Marcus sleeping and generally looking cute (this is the photo we use on his birth announcement); we admire the three beautiful flower arrangements which have arrived for us from various quarters.

Monday, 8/25: On my official "due date" (Marcus was born three days early, solidly full-term, but comparable in baby-weeks to me being fifteen minutes early everywhere), my mother holds Marcus and shows off his circus socks from cousins Carla and Steve; Robert holds an alert Marcus, who's looking all around him; I hold Marcus and a computer (no one is surprised by that, I'm sure).


Tuesday, 8/26: My father holds a calm and relaxed Marcus; Robert makes fun of the number of pillows I like around me for ideal nursing; Marcus sleeps contentedly on Robert's striped-tee-shirted stomach.

Wednesday, 8/27: Marcus gets fully dressed for the first time--he wears pants! and socks that look like sneakers and coordinate with his pants, all of which coordinate with his carseat--for a first visit to the pediatrician; Great-Grandma Helena holds Marcus delightedly in her arms.

Wednesday, 8/27: More shots from Marcus's first meeting with his doting Great-Grandma Helena.


Friday, 8/29: At exactly 9:31 in the morning (Robert is nothing if not a stickler for numerical details), we celebrate Marcus's one-week birthday by propping him up (he was sleeping) and singing "Happy Birthday" to him; later today, we venture out of the house for our first walk (and second outing total)--with Marcus secured in the stroller, we walk over to Bad Dawgs for a hot dog lunch on their grand opening weekend. Marcus doesn't seem to mind the stroller at all, even over uneven brick walkways (of which there are plenty in the South End). Exhausted, we get home just a few minutes after the baby's internal timer has gone off--okay, you all had your lunch (he says): now give me mine!


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