Robert and Christina Have a Baby: Announcing Marcus Omer

Week Five: Update, Pictures, Video

Now Marcus weighs about ten pounds, bigger than Robert was at birth, and he outgrew his first outfit (a cow-spotted onesie) and first size of diapers (no more newborn diapers--he's a solid Size One).

He seems to have stopped losing his hair and be at a stable semi-bald state for awhile, with a cute modified baby mohawk style if you look at him from above. Actually, Robert and I are both starting to like the bald look. When Marcus is all wrapped up in his swaddle suit for the night, he resembles a cute little Friar Tuck, and during the day, when his eyes are open and he's moving around vigorously (Invisible Boxing or Invisible Bike Riding), he reminds me of one of the little boy apprentices from the Shaolin temple. It'll be a little while before Marcus works on his kung fu, though.

He's getting better and better at holding up his head--he often will crane his neck back to look at Robert, over my left shoulder, if I'm holding him in my arms or in the wrap.

He's gaining motor control, too: Just this week Marcus started batting at and then actually grabbing onto a little wooden toy we hang from one of the handles on his basket during the day (previously he would either ignore it or else stare at it but bat his hand ineffectually somewhere else entirely).

Marcus has gone to dim sum and B.Good and the library and the mall and all sorts of other places--he's a very good baby, happy if he's well-fed, and he's no trouble at all, though I still over-pack the diaper bag for our expeditions (someone told me yesterday you don't really pare down what you need to bring along until your baby is four months old or more--Robert is hoping I manage to do this sooner rather than later, though, because the bag is always quite stuffed).

Here's Marcus visiting with Grandpa Michaud and Great-Grandma Helena on Saturday. We always have to fight with Helena to get her to let us go out to lunch. "You go eat," she says. "I'll stay and hold the little one."


Here are three other views of Marcus this week: first in the Moby wrap against my chest during church on Sunday (he seems to prefer Daniel to Gordon as far as sermons go. . . hm!); then on the little throne of blankets we made for him on the bean bag chair at home; and then in his carseat, doing his best rapper imitation.


Finally, here's another short (two-minute) video, this time of tummy time--a.k.a. baby exercise.


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