Robert and Christina Have a Baby: Announcing Marcus Omer

born at home on August 22, 2008, Friday, 9:31 a.m.
7 pounds, 4 ounces and 21 inches long

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Here are just a few pictures from his first day. Mom, Dad, and baby are home and everyone is doing great.

All the midwives at work, just minutes after Marcus was born.

Christina and Marcus.

Family's first nap, around noon.

Dad and Marcus.

Family shot.

BONUS: One more picture and two quick little videos

So, I threw together everything on this page above the line the afternoon that Marcus was born, but I added this photo of Robert's father visiting that afternoon and these two videos later. (Camera download issues, plus on the day of the birth, I just wanted to get something quick and dirty up on the web.) Anyway, I'm putting them here for chronological completeness.

First, the "before": a video clip including one of my third-trimester prenatal exams with Kelley, our midwife, and then me on a birth ball in very early labor Thursday night.


Then, the "after": a video clip with Marcus two to nine hours after birth on Friday, including his newborn exam, all three midwives, his first diaper, his first swaddle, and a visit from Robert's father.


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