After the cocktail hour, and the unveiling of the clambake, we all took our assigned seats in the tent. There were a few funny and emotional toasts, a blessing by Miriam's sister, the first dances, and of course, the lobster dinner. At the end of dinner, there was "the best wedding cake I ever tasted" (as someone said on the video tape--Robert went around asking people their favorite part of the wedding, and the dense chocolate cake made the cut a few times!), the cutting of the cake, and lots of dancing. Oh, and I hear the state of Rhode Island requires posted exit signs even within a tent. Yes, because people are stupid. But hey, it made for a few good laughs. Below you see the cake and the happy couple cutting it.

Miriam had set up a wishing tree made out of driftwood, and people really wrote lovely wishes on the supplied cards, hanging them from the tree. I also took a photo of the floating candles in the mason jars; Meg and Emil (below) were clowning around and peering around the centerpieces, too. (We really had the best table!)

Now, when you have a clambake as your wedding dinner, these are really the kinds of shots you hope to get--Robert was so busy eating that he had to enlist Emil as the emergency my-hands-are-full-of-clam-juice substitute videographer during the toasts. Phew! Sarah, too, was making a dent in the steamers. Don't those lobsters look lovely? They were so delicious and smoky in flavor, due to the seaweed and the hot rocks.

After the lobsters, and while people were getting crazy on the dancefloor, we got to watch the sun set over the water from the tent. It was a beautiful wedding, overall--from beginning to end--and we know this is only the beginning of a long, happy life together for Miriam and Davis.

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