McGrath Clambake Caterers did the clambake, the centerpiece of the reception. Food and entertainment all in one--what more could you ask for? We got to see them preparing the clambake from 3:30 or so, when we arrived at the wedding site, and then the formal unveiling of the clambake happened around 7:00 during the reception. Here, in snapshots, you can follow along.

The fire was started just outside the walls of the fort. The clambake people fed the fire with wooden pallats because they burn quickly and at the right temperature.

At a certain point, they began dousing the flames, since the stones that would do most of the actual cooking were by now quite hot. They then added seaweed (which had been stored against the for walls in red bags) on top of everything.

They added new potatoes, corn on the cob, chorizo sausage, lobsters, clams, and mussels, in big wire baskets with long handles, and then they put we sailcloth over everything. ("Then we let it steam for two hours, and we hope for the best," was actually how it was explained to us.)

The seagulls eagerly awaited the unveiling of the clambake, on a hunch that there just might be something tasty inside that warm white bundle. Above right, you see the official clambake guy greeting Davis and Miriam, just before he gave a little clambake explanation speech to the accumulated guests. Below, you see the clouds of steam that arose when the sailcloth was removed, and you can just glimpse the red of the lobsters.

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