Our primary celebration was planned for the weekend following our actual anniversary, and we kicked it off on Friday night June 25th with the delivery of our Lobstergram from Mom and Dad.

The package arrived via Fed Ex overnight shipping--live lobsters and clams with corn and potatoes and frozen clam chowder in a cooler, with cold-packs, inside a large box. Everything was provided, from a large lobster pot to seafood picks and crackers, lobster bibs and wetnaps to lemon and butter, a butter-warmer and a candle with candle-holder to cooking instructions. Everything was uncooked except for the chowder, so we set to work. We steamed the clams, boiled the corn and potatoes, boiled the lobster, and heated up the chowder in the microwave. I melted butter with a little garlic, cut up the lemon, and we set the table with some of our new picnic dishes. We lit a candle and turned on music and opened a little bottle of champagne and one of root beer. The meal was superb--the clams were little and perfectly tender, the lobsters were very fresh and sweet, the chowder was surprisingly nice, and the corn and potatoes were great side-dishes. We had a wonderful night--and we almost thought we were back in New England.

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