Minnesota Fair and Family Fun, August 2006

In August 2006, we went out to Minnesota to visit with Robert's mother's family. We carefully timed our visit to be on the opening weekend of the Minnesota State Fair--and, as it turned out, on cousin Jerry's 26th birthday (on August 26th--his so-called golden birthday) and Robert's mother's cousins the Blewetts' 50th wedding anniversary on August 25th.

We stayed with cousins Mark and Vanessa, and Robert's mother Judy flew out from Colorado and stayed with her brother, our Uncle Frank, and Aunt Martha (and Jerry, and Brian).

Highlights of the four-day weekend include:

As always, everyone in Minnesota was so warm and welcoming that we can't wait to come back--I promised we'd talk my parents into coming out another time, perhaps even next summer. Next year in Minnesota! (Isn't that how the saying goes?)


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