Minnesota Fair and Family Fun, August 2006

Getting through security at Logan Airport in Boston. . .

Except for the fact that the TSA is taking away ALL OF OUR LIBERTY IN THE NAME OF SO-CALLED SAFETY MEASURES THAT DO NOT MAKE US SAFER, and except for the fact that the TSA screener at Logan called me "honey" twice (I ignored the first one and snapped at him the second time. Then I was called aside for a "random" additional screening. I snapped at that person that I knew it wasn't really random, and if they were going to give additional screenings to everyone who exercised free speech, then they should just admit we're living in a totalitarian state), and except for the fact that I got dehydrated from the lack of water (but gee, we're so much safer since I couldn't bring my water bottle and handcream), everything went fine.

I really don't want things to go fine, though--I don't understand the sheepy people who want to medicate themselves with pills or with platitudes to get through security: I saw that movie, a lot of times, and the government just wants you to medicate yourself. People get sheepier that way. But no, to placate Robert, I didn't start singing "sweet land of LIBERTY" or "we shall overcome" or "hey hey hey I hate the TSA" in line, and so things "went fine" for me through security.

At the other end, in Minnesota, though, while waiting interminably for our checked luggage (you know, full of dangerous creams and gels, creams and gels), I saw these two bags in a pile of luggage near the wall. "Hey, that's the bag I bet no one would ever be caught dead claiming," I said to Robert. He thought I meant the terrible patterned bag at left, which was indeed a sight, but I had actually meant the ripped-open, suspiciously unmarked duffel positively overflowing with potential hazards--I swear I could see lighter fluid in there, and handcream too, I bet. Really, they were quite the pair of bags.

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