Minnesota Fair and Family Fun, August 2006

Soaking up Minnesota atmosphere (read: farm animals and food-on-a-stick) at the State Fair. . .

Since it was Thrifty Thursday--and opening day--fair admission was only $7 per person. We parked in an unofficial lot for $5, the cheapest we saw (sadly, there was no free parking if you had a Thrifty rental car--though that would have been extremely cool).

Over the course of the day at the Fair, this is what we ate:

Besides eating, we also saw the Minnesota state fruit and veggie tent (free soybean plants for kids), the 4-H tent (no, Robert, it doesn't stand for "husbandry" and three other things) with high school art and science projects, the sheep barn (they're covered in blankets to stay clean, we were told; my nose was covered to stay away from the smell), a chicken-judging competition (apparently egg-layers are judged on the width of their hips (chickens have hips?) and they have different colored spots on their ears which tell you which color eggs they lay--brown, white, blue, or green), the needlework and crochet prize-winning entries, and the baking and preserving prize-winning entries. Why does no one I know submit things to the Fair? Wow, it was wonderful.

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