Digital collection of original cow pictures, with captions and dates:

I think this was taken back in the fall of 1994, when the Middle East displayed one of the cows that used to be at the Hilltop on the sidewalk along Mass Ave in Central Square. The cow was chained up there for quite some time, and my very first webpage (Jan. 1995) had a larger version of this picture prominently on it. I even got a sick email inspired by this picture.

This was taken on an October Saturday in 1997, when we drove down to Rhode Island for cabinets (that is, frappes, or milkshakes) and a Paw Sox playoff game. Driving by the road, we saw these cows, without even a fence in front of them. We stopped, and took our picture there using Robert's long arm. One very interested cow leaned over specially to get in the picture too.

Ah, the Holy Cow Casino in Las Vegas! Sadly, we never actually went in, much less stayed there, but I did get to take this picture of the nice cow on top of it as we drove by, in August 2000.

In Seaworld, in San Diego, also in August 2000, Robert took my picture with this statue of a manatee--nicknamed the cow of the sea. One can't argue that it doesn't look very cowlike here, at least.

On the same August 2000 trip to San Diego, I took this picture of a seated wild cow (or so the informative card told me) at the San Diego Zoo.

Another wild cow/San Diego Zoo shot from that trip: Here, a different wild cow in the same enclosure happily eats (wild?) grass. Yum.

This is me in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, in March 2001, with a skeleton of a prehistoric cow.

And, before our trip to Vermont, this was one of our most classic-looking cows--here, with me at Stew Leonard's in Connecticut, August 4, 2001.

This is a picture of two "colonial" cows, raised on the restoration at Plimoth Plantation to approximate what cows in 1629 Massachusetts were like. I guess they slept a lot. This was in May of this year.

And finally, here's a picture of Robert alone with a cow--a little black cow (although I occasionally think it was a black Lab he was trying to pass off as a cowlet) he ran into on a Northfield trip to Yosemite in this May (photo courtesy of Howard).


Of course, there was also my ancient Cow Quiz page--the only person who ever filled this out whom I hadn't specifically emailed the URL to and basically forced to take it was Wini Wood, from Wellesley, who happily filled it out and appreciated the page. I haven't bothered to set the script back up nowadays.

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