Sushi Making Adventures

In the firm belief that anyone who can read can teach themselves to do just about anything, and with the help of James Peterson's Fish and Shellfish cookbook and a wonderful guide and cookbook to Japanese food, Shizuo Tsuji's Japanese Cooking--A Simple Art, Robert and I have learned to make tasty, impressive-looking sushi and sashimi. Robert is primarily the slicer, which is a very important job as slicing the fish takes much care and skill. I am primarily the roller and arranger. Not pictured are any of our temaki--hand-rolls--which usually get eaten long before the photographer gets set up. Take a look at some photos, both of our process and products!

Washing the rice.

Preparing a maki.

Arranging a platter.

Pressed sushi and maki.

Heart-shaped maki, nigiri, and sashimi.

Caterpillar roll and other maki.

Basic maki and inside-out maki.

Monk fish liver sashimi with lemons and homemade ponzu sauce.

Korean hwe dup bop (fish, rice, vegetables, spicy sauce).

Also see our newer sushi page, with more photos, how-to tips, and restaurant reviews!

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