summer adventures, 2001

action verb blurbs and static photographs,
organized alphabetically by state and chronologically by event


adventures in Connecticut:


--tasting the samples at Stew Leonard's, the biggest dairy store in the world, and posing with the animals, just down the road from Penzey's Spices.

[See how tall I am? On my 26th birthday, where else would we be except posing with a bunch of fake animals on the way down to New York to visit my parents for the weekend?]


--visiting the New Haven pier, which boasts a recreation of the Amistad, a willowy marsh, and a nice New England wind just right for "arm" pictures of the two of us by Robert.

[The haircut was new and "layered" (read: uneven and scraggly), as were the orchid highlights. Thus far, this is my favorite picture of my new hairdo. I will attempt to always wear it like this.]

--at Dinosaur State Park, with Annie, in front of a map showing the paths of different dinosaurs through this track site (one of the largest in North America).

[A very exciting and highly recommended place. Admission is only $2, there are pretty grounds and trails outside, wonderful tracks and exhibits and dioramas inside, and if you bring enough plaster of paris you can make a cast of a footprint outside. We are definitely going back.]



--in Mystic, next to a sign that should really read "Blubber room ahead" and with a very low ceiling, I made Robert pose for this picture.

[Mystic is lovely. We walked around for about two hours, sad (okay, at least i was sad) that we didn't have more time. We saw ships and played games and bought popcorn and salt-water-taffy and reveled in another old restoration.]

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