summer adventures, 2001


adventures in Illinois:


--babygazing, a sport that previous to this summer we'd engaged in scarcely at all, depicted here with Robert's niece and nephews in Mt. Sterling.

[Out of all the pictures we took this Fourth of July week, we like these two the most. You are witnessing 1) a crawling race, with Lauren in the lead, and 2) a failed attempt at a posed picture, with Lauren trying to sprint away and John pulling her back.]


--erecting purple martin houses with Brian and Bill--one of the most exciting things to do in Mt. Sterling, other than watch babies crawl or watch Judy tour the town's grocery stores vainly looking for an eggplant (clearly too exotic).

[Brian's gift of the birdhouse to Bill turned into a two-day project for the three men, as the picky purple martins' requirements had to be consulted at every turn. Thank goodness the birds seem to like their house--they swarm overhead after just one day.]


--visiting the Brookfield Zoo on a hot summer day with active children and sleeping animals, a wonderful combination I may never try again.

[Jennifer is holding John, whose face is almost entirely obscured by water cup and hat, and yet the less-than-a-year-old John was by far the most well-behaved child on the trip. Candy stands calmly. Aurora tilts. We've noticed that her feet are never both on the floor in a picture with Robert near her. Below, the bear doesn't even crack an eyelid at us.]

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