Friends enjoy lunch and dessert.

Maria and her bridesmaids sit at their table.

Maria sits on the stage, waiting for someone to hand her a gift to open.

Maria and her friends from high school pose for a picture.

Maria and her bridesmaids pose once more.

Maria is about to open the present from her aunts and grandmother.

Maria first reads the cards.

When Bentley arrives, he helps Maria open the gift from his mother.

They're still opening it.

Maria and Bentley display their flatware.

The opening is almost done now.

After everything, Maria and Bentley sit with their gifts around them.

With Deanne, Adele displays the bouquet of bows she made.

Bentley, Maria's semester-at-sea friend Daria, Deanne, MEghan, Maria, and Adele pose for a final picture.

Bentley stands near Aunt Mary just before leaving.

Maria's mother carries things out to the car at the end of the day.

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