The final gift Maria and Bentley opened at the bridal shower was a large pale yellow laundry basket from Maria's mother and father, filled with unwrapped colorful household products, and accompanied by the following poem. Christina read the poem aloud, while Meghan handed an item from the basket to Maria and Bentley at every mention of a product or brand-name.

Here are some tips from us to you:
To help your marriage stick like glue
Oh, how fantastic marriage can be it's true!
No longer solo in a few weeks
The pledge you and Bentley make is for keeps.
Though you are glad that you have found a genuine honey
who wisked you off the ground,
marriage you will soon discover is certainly not equal.
As you concentrate vividly on your next trial
Bentley will probably have been napping awhile.
Bentley is very loving, with a bounce in his step, too--
because he is getting it all with you!
The two of you together it's plain to see
fit each other to a tea.
You and Bentley should never shout
because that's not what marriage is about.
Treat each other with kid gloves,
give each other lots of hugs,
and the measure of your success
will be the happiness you possess.
Face each day with cheer and you both will have a zestful first year.
To snuggle and caress is the key to happiness--and it's free!
May love and joy fill your hearts all the way
and let's hope May 26th is not filled with rain but sunlight that day.
We know that the days of your married life will be X-tra bright
as your love increases after each little fight.
And may the dove of peace bring a bounty of love to your life.

Carla and Steve

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