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Okay. Here are the answers to all except the extra-credit question. If you got that one right, you would know it by now because you would have gained access to my top-secret cow page. If you didn't, you can always keep trying.
  1. A cow-lover is much more likely to moo than a frog.
  2. A cow is clearly smarter than a dog.
  3. Cows are Level Neuf skiers, not measly Level Twos.
  4. "One squeeze, three moos" is the well-known saying.
  5. Brigham's, not Toscaninni's (as good as they are) is the chain which was selling mooing cows this summer.
  6. Everyone knows that Christina has more cow things than Ben does.
  7. See? Christina has two mooing cows in her room!
  8. As much as it pains me to admit it, Ben is far more of a born cow-lover than is Robert.
  9. A cow's favorite language is always French.
  10. Cows are cool. (They appreciate alliteration.)

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Date Created: 1/13/96
Last Modified: 12/11/96