Fourth of July Illinois Trip

In 2010 we went out to visit Robert's sister Jennifer, her husband Joe, and their kids, John and Emily, for Fourth of July, and Marcus had a ball. Last year, Jennifer and the kids came out to visit us in June, but this year we're back. With Uncle Max having recently moved to just a few minutes away from Jennifer, and with cousins Dave and Candy and Uncle Don and Aunt Loretta nearby (relatively speaking) as well, we had a lovely five-day weekend just enjoying ourselves with family. Not pictured are our day at a water park, our Indian buffet lunch in Naperville, or lots of happy cat-playing time (though the cats do make Marcus nervous when they sit and stare at him).

Keeping busy on the plane to Chicago.


Exploring John and Emi's toys.


Eating together at Jennifer's house.


Waiting for fireworks at Joe's secret fireworks-viewing spot.


Clowning around with cousins.


Visiting with Uncle Don and Aunt Loretta and Annie (dog).


Looking at old photos (left: Robert and Dave, 1977; right; Dave, Christine, Robert, and Jennifer, 1981) at Aunt Loretta's.


Setting off model rockets.


Driving around suburban Chicago endlessly.


Shopping in the H-Mart in Naperville.


Enjoying frozen custard at Culver's.


Having fun at the DuPage Children's Museum in Naperville (particularly their woodshop area).




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