Debbie and Chris's Bowling Wedding Reception


Sacco's Bowl-Haven, Davis Square, Somerville

The scene at 6:30 in this quiet candlepin bowling alley. Vintage lanes and formica furniture await the happy couple and their guests. Sean and Sarah and Debbie's excellent photographers relax in the entryway before people begin to arrive.

Debbie and Chris make their grand entrance, managing to stay dry despite the on-and-off heavy rain. Close friends Liwen, Tyrone, and their kids strap on bowling shoes behind the bride and groom.

"Wait, where do we stand? What do we do?"

C'mon, get ready already! You think we all have nothing better to do tonight than sit around, bowl a little, watch you primp for pictures, and take even more pictures of you? Yup, that was our plan. . . .

Okay, both bride and groom ready at last! Here they go. . . .

And they're off--at least, Debbie is. Chris seems to be still considering his ideal bowling strategy.

By 9:30 or so, almost everyone's prime bowling form has long since been abandoned, but Canadians and Americans have been mingling successfully, in a picture of international harmony, over food and fun all evening. Here are three end-of-the-evening shots: the photographers (good-naturedly wearing bowling shoes) kneel in a lane to snap photos of the bowling bride and groom; Chris relaxes with some family members; Christina pawns the leftover soda off on various single men in order to speed up the cleanup.


We love you and wish you a life of love, bowling, and macaroons year after year.

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