Debbie's Bridal Shower

(wooh, wooh!)

Debbie and Chris are getting married April 12 after a short "official" engagement. Debbie's been living with her parents, and Chris has been living in a less-than-well-stocked bachelor pad, so--completely beside the fact that we love Debbie (okay, and Chris, that foreigner, too) and are thrilled to help her celebrate, they seemed the perfect pair to shower with gifts in anticipation of their wedding.

On Sunday, March 2nd we had a shower for Debbie--who, not too surprisingly, arrived 38 minutes late. Belatedly, we realized we should have had a pool for the bride's arrival time and given a prize for the person who best guessed it. That's okay, though, because everyone was eating happily by the time she finally showed up.


Other highlights:

Memorable quotes from Debbie:

The only downspot of the day was the parking ticket Debbie got at a quarter to five for parking mid-street past the legal hours on Columbus (they either end at 4:00 or 4:30 on Sundays, and Debbie's car was the loneliest car on the block at that point, sadly).

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