The 2005 Holiday Season

Halloween: Mal and Inara Throw a Party

First of all, a disclaimer: this is more of a note for the record than a true web-essay, since an unhappy computer crash during the process of downloading our photos from Halloween wiped them out on both the camera card and the computer. That said, Robert and I were Mal and Inara from Firefly/Serenity, though some people had trouble recognizing us. Part of this was due to our friends’ lack of scifi nerdy knowledge, and part was due to the fact that Robert wasn’t carrying a gun—I refused to buy even a toy gun for his costume on principle.

Joining us for an excellent Halloween feast and costume prizes (including Most Fanatical, Most Likely to Be Voted Off the Island, Warmest Costume, Witchiest Costume, and Most Likely to Blend In on the T) were:

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