The 2005 Holiday Season

November Festive Fun: Family for Salmon, Friends for Ikea

The first weekend after Halloween, Mom and Dad and Aunt Mary came up to Boston to visit and help us eat more of our Alaskan salmon. We all have weird looks in the picture above, probably because we’re hungry. At the moment, in late January, we just have one more package of salmon fillets left in our freezer--sh, don’t tell Robert, or he’ll make us save it forever out of sentimentality.

The following weekend, Sarah and Sarah joined us for the grand opening weekend of Ikea in Stoughton, just south of Boston. It took forever to drive the short distance there, and the place was jammed, but we sailed into a beautiful close Zipcar parking spot, so we were happy. I was made even happier by carrying around this stuffed rat from the children’s section on a silver platter from the kitchen and bar section. I got a lot of nice looks. Yes, Sarah has her eyes closed in this picture, but I think the rat looks perfect.

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