Welcome to Rivendell. . . .

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and Arwen, daughter of Elrond, of the race of men and of elves, long lovers and now together at last, welcomed you and others to their gathering Thursday, October 31, 2002 in Rivendell (also known as Worcester Square, Boston). Just as the road to Rivendell is paved with danger and hardship for some, Rik the Red struggled to arrive on this cold night safely. Others, once they arrived, never wanted to leave the joys of this place. See what they found, below.

Here are the two hosts, posing regally.

Here is Arwen preparing an elven blood-red punch to celebrate that human holiday, Halloween, before the couple's multi-racial group of friends arrives. Human to elf, hobbit to dwarf--all are welcome.

Here is No-Face (Howard), who wandered in from "Sen to Chihiro" for the party.

Here is a demon (Dan) and Ozzie Ozbourne (Ghaz).

Here is a witch (Valentina) and Kelly Ozbourne (Ozzy's daughter; Alyssa).

Here is a cat (Heather), static cling (Megan), and Howard/No Face without his mask.

Here is Dr. Cube, the evil plastic surgeon from Kaiju, without his mask (George), evilly eating a tortilla chip.

Here are Arwen and Aragorn on the eve of Halloween. Arwen's elvish ear-tips must be hidden by her hair in this picture, and, though happy, neither is looking particularly regal.


Not pictured are the other guests who arrived to share the night with Arwen and Aragorn: two hobbits, male and female (Jef and Jen); a cowgirl; a mardi-gras cloaked and masked woman (Aris); or two cleanroom engineers in full protective gear (Ining and Erik). Not pictured, also, is the food they feasted on--including Jef's watermelon brain-shaped pink jello, caramel-covered apples, donuts on strings (strings visible in demon shot, above, but not so George and Ghaz's impressive cheating at the event, Howard's winning, and somewhat awkward Arwen getting hit in the head by her bouncing donut), and much "real" food to nourish the body, and warming elvish spiced rum drinks and wine to warm the spirit.

Addendum: Jef, a hobbit of Hobbiton, just posted more pictures from the night on his website. Hobbits are very technologically advanced now, you see. His pictures will show you many views of the apple-bobbing, including unsuccessful Arwen (she was trying to bob for an apple without using elven magic), champion Lilly now eating her hard-won apple, many wet guests, engineer Erik having shed his clean-room gear, and the spectators in the living room. Also visible on Jef's page is a view of the buffet table and a jello brain mold, the four Middle Earthers grouped together (last pic), and the mad plastic surgeon evilly operating on the jello brain with a butter knife. On to Hobbiton!

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