Robert and Christina Buy a House


Robert and Christina live in a pretty apartment

in the South End of Boston and have lived there for the last two years.

They like their apartment:

They like its location,

its balcony, summer or winter,

and its views, fair or stormy,

as well as its happy memories:

memories of moving in,

of holidays,

of friends,

of family,

and of food.

But they wanted to buy an apartment of their own:

They wanted to own their own place

so that they could

do laundry at 2:00 AM without going outside and down the stairs;

so that they could

have an extra bedroom for more space and guests;

and so that they could,

if they wanted,

wake up one morning and paint their ceiling to look like the sky.

But they didn't want to give up their outdoor space:

They wanted still to be able to barbeque all summer long

and watch the fireworks on Fourth of July.

They wanted still to be near a subway or bus;

to be just a short trip from downtown or Chinatown;

to be able to walk to stores and restaurants,

to a grocery store,

a Zipcar,

Newbury Street,

and the Prudential Mall.

In short, they knew they wanted a lot.

But in February, they found it:

a pretty top-floor apartment on Columbus Avenue, still in the South End, near Symphony Hall and Northeastern.

Their new apartment has everything they want:

washer/dryer, two bedrooms, a private roofdeck,

a Zipcar right across the street, and a subway within three blocks.

They'll close on their apartment at the end of August,

when the people living there now are ready to move,

and they'll move in in September.

The timing isn't bad:

In September, Robert and Christina will have been together for 10 years

and married for 5 years.

Although they know they can be happy anywhere, together,

they also know they'll be very happy here.


The Beginning (again)

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