Adventures Around [Los] Angeles, Fall 2000

This fall, as we planned our move from Los Angeles, we tried to scurry to see things around town that we'd always meant to but hadn't gotten around to. Some of the highlights of our career as tourists in our hometown of almost 2 1/2 years include the following:

The La Brea Tarpits

The Santa Monica Airport

Note that these are mammoths, not dinosaurs, at above left. Apparently many people wander around asking, "Where are all the dinosaurs?" and so there are many signs at the entrance, stating, "You will NOT see any dinosaurs at the La Brea Tarpits." We found it very amusing, and enjoyed it all thoroughly.

At above right, we kept trying to take pictures of the small planes landing and taking off at this little airport near our house, from the back deck of the restaurant Typhoon, but the planes were moving fast and the lighting conditions managed to produce this interesting shot instead. An x-file, perhaps?

The Santa Monica Pier and beach at sunset

Near the ferris wheel

Taken from the beach, down the length of the pier

Looking out at the Pacific

The perpetual pier Bubble Man

Robert trying to catch a bubble

When Robert's sister Tia (Christine) visited from Chicago, we spent one sunset at the pier in Santa Monica. I've been trying to take good sunset pictures since our Grand Canyon mini-photo-class, and I may be getting a little better. I especially like the bubble pictures. Robert took the one of me and Christine near the little amusement park.

Disneyland during Thanksgiving Week

Christmas decorations

At the Matterhorn, with palm trees

On the carousel

The castle, decorated, at night

Yes, it's snowing at Disneyland!

A family shot at the end of the day

We had heard that Disneyland during the holidays was something to see, so when Christina's parents were visiting the four of us decided to go. The decorations, lovely during the day, only got better at night, and at the end of the wonderful fireworks, there was "snow" that all the Californians crowded onto Main Street to see. Of course, the snow was only very dense soap bubbles, but it sure looked good!

The Getty

Robert took this, lying on the ground and getting stared at

The view southwest, with wonderful stone columns

A fountain and some great reflections

The top, looking up, of another fountain

I loved the Getty--I took 98 pictures that day, just of the grounds, fountains, and views. It makes a great afternoon destination, and a good place to experiment with photography. When we went, the weather was perfect, even though we forgot to pick up one of their complimentary parasols for our walk in the gardens.

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