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Four other spring highlights (in reverse chronological order, and lumped together here for convenience) include:


Sitting on our Balcony, Looking down at our Square in the Spring

Our view across and down--note the old-fashioned lampposts, the brick sidewalks, the many illegally parked cars around the center of the square, and the brownstones across the street, with similar balconies to ours on the top floor, but far-inferior dining rooms, with way fewer windows.



Korean Dumpling Night, with George and Annie

Christina's friend from school, Annie, displays her perfectly-formed beef dumplings before steaming or boiling them.

Robert and George compare their various--um, creatively (yeah, that's the word!)--formed dumplings in our dining room, as though vying for a prize.



The Saugus Ironworks: A Tour of the First Ironworks in North America

Christina stands next to the water wheel at this pleasantly restored (and completely free) National Historic Site, just a few minutes from Grandma Helena's house.

A scenic shot of the Ironworks, looking up at the water wheel, with the remnants of an old slag heap and the Saugus River extending behind the photographer.



An Afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History in New York

Christina and Robert pose in front of the controversial meterorite, around which this hall of the new planetarium was partially designed.

Robert's height brings him into close contact with a pterodactyl in the newly revamped dinosaur and prehistoric animal wing.

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