KING FUNG GARDEN on the corner of Kneeland Street in Boston's Chinatown is one of our favorite restaurants ever. Although rather unimpressive on the outside, it has excellent, inexpensive food: thick and chewy, chow mein; tasty and juicy boiled dumplings; chewy scallion pancake; crispy and juicy pan-fried wontons with a nice gingery flavor to them; luscious small steamed pork buns; unusual hot and sour noodle soup; and, of course, rice cakes. The rice cakes cost $3.95 a plate, and come with either beef and Szechuan pickles or beef and pickled cabbage; Christina slightly prefers the former, but we often alternate just for variety.

We have been loyal customers since July 1994, when an office-mate of Robert tipped us off to the restaurant. Its location right near the airport makes it ideal for quick, last-minute pre-flight meals. In January 1998, to celebrate Robert's 25th birthday and our friend Michiyo's birthday at the same time, we went to KING FUNG GARDEN in a party of six and had not only rice cakes, but also spicy-salty shrimp, which were excellent; a three-course Peking duck; and a Mongolian hot-pot (pictured) with squid, beef, pork, chicken, tofu, noodles, and more.

We cannot recommend this restaurant more highly--the help is very accomodating, the price is right, and the food is superb.