On Eating "American" in Los Angeles. . .

Since moving to Los Angeles, we've made friends with all of about three or four Americans--nearly everyone else we've met socially has been an international student at UCLA, existing in the US with varying levels of familiarity with "American" food. We've resigned ourselves to being, often, the only two in a room who can tolerate the sweetness of cotton candy for more than a single bite, who believe that one of the main attractions of going to a baseball game is the stadium food, or who know that pigs in the blanket can mean two different things to a typical American (either pancakes rolled around breakfast sausages or bread dough baked around hot dogs), but that both of them are edible. We've frequently been asked about "American" food, and have done what we can to introduce American delicacies to our foreign friends. But the problem is, except for caramel apples at Halloween parties (I was gratified when Alessio, the first night I met him, a caramel apple in his mouth and another in his hand to carry home, exclaimed that "this is the best American food ever!" He may have reconsidered by now, but I still like him for saying that), turkey and stuffing at Thanksgiving, chips and dips and the afore-mentioned pigs in the blanket (the crossant/mini hot dog kind) at a Superbowl party, and burgers on a barbecue in summer, we really don't cook or eat traditional American food at home. Generally, then, when we or someone we know crave American food, we head to a restaurant. Following are reviews of four of our favorite American restaurants in Los Angeles.

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