Minnesota Visit, August 2023

We had a wonderful four-day trip to Minnesota at the end of the summer. With how busy we'd been, it felt like a genuine getaway. It was so great to get to see everyone, to spend more time with Karthi, to celebrate Angelina and Karthi's wedding, and of course to also go to the State Fair.


We mostly stayed in a southwestern suburb which, amusingly, was very into Prince.


The wedding was at a beautiful spacious hall with lovely outdoor space, and we loved watching Karthi's friends tearing it up on the dance floor--often joined by cousin Matt!


Speaking of family weddings, Dave and Candy pulled out this pic of Uncle Frank and Aunt Martha's wedding, long ago!


Robert was wearing a jokey scifi tee shirt the next day in the hotel breakfast room, and when explaining it to his mom and Uncle Frank, he started talking about Star Trek. Star Trek, you say? (asked a man also getting coffee). He explained that he'd been a guest star as "The Alien" and a few other small roles. Helen was impressed.


We had a great brunch out with cousins. Everyone got to borrow a baby if they wanted.


And Robert and Matt got to clown around together--of course!


Afterwards, we went across the street to a sporting goods store that had a huge fish tank, a ferris wheel, and a bowling alley in the store.

They also had large foam dinosaurs to use for archery practice, if you're into that sort of thing.


That evening, we gathered at Jocie and Dan's house. Dan cooked some of the ducks he'd shot last season, and Dave played with drones with Marcus and Karthi.


Candy bought the kids the coolest glow-bracelet swag sets, and Robert and Marcus organized almost everyone else into a massive twilight game of Ultimate.


The next day we went to the fair. Brian and baby Owen were the first ones there after us, and then cousins kept arriving.


Despite getting locked out of our hotel room countless times (5? 6? 7?) and forgetting that the car key for the park-and-ride was in my bag, when I'd gone home with Brian and Candy, we had a great day. Dave and Marcus managed to work in a trip to White Castle for a couple suitcases, and Uncle Frank had everyone over for corn, pizza, and the said White Castles. Marcus got to hang out with Gavin a little (they're only 4 months apart in age), and Karthi organized everyone into a gorgeous sunset game of cricket.


Until next year, Minnesota!


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