Camping in Wells State Park, July 2023

Three days, four families, eleven kids, one epic hike, one coyote scare, two hammocks, two yurts, one birthday, four tents, one epic ice cream outing, one missing cat, four campfires, two major rainstorms, one tornado watch, and countless mosquito bites. Welcome to camping, 2023, in Wells State Park in Sturbridge, Massachusetts!     

Breakfast Saturday morning, kids cooking. Some fantastic pancake mix shaking!

Breakfast Sunday morning, huddled in Sarah's yurt while it poured.

Arriving. Some people were wiped out before we even started.

If Marcus is Pancake Boy, is Samantha Sausage Girl?

The aftermath--drying tents for days at home! But still, would we do it all again? Yes, for sure!


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Created: 7/25/23. Last Modified: 7/25/23.