End of the Summer, 2022

August was a busy month with so many fun things--Marcus and Robert went camping with four of Marcus's friends for his 14th birthday, Samanth and Helen and I went with friends to the Zoo Lights, all of us went cabin camping with the church and lots of friends for a weekend, and in between we celebrated neighbors' birthdays, hit up free museums, went to my work party, and went to Spectacle Island with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. Now at last school starts this week, and I think we are ready, both mentally and logistically!


Mayor's Cup tennis tournament:


Downtown wanderings:


Roseway schooner afternoon cruise with Cori:


"Mommy camp" week at the end of the summer--bike rides, Harvard museums, playgrounds, and lots of frozen treats:


Last night of YES track:


Marcus's 14th birthday camping trip to Rocky Woods:


Porchfest day out:


Macarme class:


ZooLights with friends:


Desmond's 9th birthday party:


Work welcome back party:


Spectacle Island trip with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay:


Maine family cabin camping:


End-of-summer dental appointments for kids:


End-of-summer bonsai class date night for us:

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