A Weekend in Wareham

A quick and easy beach weekend, not too long of a drive, not too far away, seemed like the perfect way to kick off August. We picked Samantha up after a week of Girl Scout sleep-away camp in Plymouth, and drove just half an hour further to our destination. We rented a Christmas-themed cottage that had two double beds and two twins and was just one block from the beach, and Sarah, Sean, and Evie got a beach-themed cottage next door to us with a double and a twin. Two nights, with Friday dinner in the cottage back yard (grilled flank steak, garlic cheese bread, and corn on the cob), a full day Saturday at the beach, and Saturday evening at a little clam shack (Kool Kone) and ice cream and free mini golf, and then we capped off the weekend with a day at the water park (Water Wizz) on the way home on Sunday. Helen was thrilled by the cottage, and everyone else slightly horrified, but we all loved the location.


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