Summer 2022, Part 1

All I know is that August is not here, and we are not going back to school/work in a month. We still have so much of the summer left! For now, a quick look back....


Lots of playgrounds and sprinkler parks!

Helen is loving YES track on Wednesday nights.

We've had lots of time with friends, both before and after we gave Sarah and Sean COVID. (Everyone was fine.)

Downtown events: August Moon festival, Chowderfest, Harborfest classic car show (moderately underwhelming).

We went to the grand re-opening of the Mission Hill playground.

We are thrilled about the return of outdoor movies--Prudential on Saturdays, Hatch Shell on Fridays, and excitement all around!

Helen's taking violin lessons from Ms. Wong this summer and is really working on positioning and form.

The summer has been filled with dress-up, reading logs, and fun excursions large and small.

We went to the Seaport area, had some delicious and beautiful ice cream, explored the ICA, then took their water taxi to Eastie, where we went to the Watershed, walked around looking at public art, ate fantastic Somali food (Marcus demolished two entire fish dinners), and hit a Latin American bakery before heading home.

Helen went to dance camp at the Brewery and loved every minute of it.

We went to JP Open Streets, when Centre Street was closed to traffice for six hours on a Sunday.

Helen spent two weeks at JP KidsArts making art of various kinds.

Our friend Tim came to town for just one night, and we rode to National Night Out, rode home, grilled, ate, and played games until far too late.

Samantha went to Girl Scout Camp at Wind-in-the-Pines.

Helen went to Shanti's birthday-in-July party.

We biked--lots!

We enjoyed my parents' pool and our yard.

Neighbors moved out and in, other neighbors brought us flowers and we brought them brownies, we acquired new decorations for our screened-in porch, and we learned more than we had ever wanted to know about tomato hornworms and parasitic wasps.

We had our friends from Egypt over for dinner one Friday, and then Samantha and Esme walked over to the Loring-Greenough House and saw "In the Heights" on their lawn, with Lily joining them.

We set up the kiddie pool for two of those 90-degree weekends and had tons of kids in it having fun.

Near the end of July, we celebrated my mother's birthday with a fantastic brunch at Bootleg Special.

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