A Visit from Emily and Nathaniel (July 2022)

We had seen Emily and Nathaniel in New York for two weekends this past year, and we were hatching plans to get them up here for another visit this summer. As it happened, the week that worked best for them was also Kidsweek, so Emily volunteered with Caleb and Helen's group and I staffed the snack room, and six of us trooped in to the church every day that week.

Helen was pretty excited that Marybeth's mom led games in the gym.

We had lunch at Wen's one day, at a picnic in the Common one day with pizza and falafel, and near the Frog Pond another day. Lyla and Samantha went on the Tweens trips Tuesday (ropes course in Canton) and Wednesday (pirate museum and beach on the Cape) and a bunch of people saw the Coolidge movie on the Greenway ("Tremors") on Wednesday evening.

Thursday was a scavenger hunt on the Common with some different historical markers.

Much fun was had.

One night the boys grilled dinner.

Making gummies with Rohan and Kavi on the back porch.

Growing kids!

Thursday night chess club at JP Lick's.

Other games throughout the week.

Friday night was Boston Bike Party! Over 700 people, the first one since before the pandemic--Robert rode Helen and Caleb, we borrowed a bike from Virginia up the block for Marcus, and Nathaniel, Andrew, and Logan rode some of our other bikes. It was amazing! Party stop under the Zakim Bridge, and then we peeled off and got Tosci's ice cream on the way home.

And on the last day, we strapped the giant bean bag chair we briefly took custody of from Bruno and Daniela and Raul on the top of Emily and Nathaniel's car. Marcus handled knots, and the neighborhood kids all climbed up to test its security, and they drove it happily down to New Jersey. Until next year!


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