A Weekend in Provincetown (June 2022)

We always hear it from our kids if we skip a year going to Provincetown! Martha's Vineyard last year was pronounced a pale imitation, for example, and with the pandemic before that, it's been awhile since we were here. But this year, using the long weekend made up of Juneteenth, Father's Day, and our 24th anniversary, we were back! Ferry down with sushi and dumplings and mochinuts on Friday night (Helen drawing cute sushi in her journal) in our usual seats on the back, and then we were lucky enough to have a chauffeur waiting for us--Evie and Sean, who had driven down in Pop-pop's van for greater flexibility of seating.

We went straight to the Harbor Hotel, where Sarah already was, and inspected the new splash park and seating areas, chatting until it was dark and the mosquitos were terrible and we finally called it a night.

The next morning, Robert and Sean took the little girls for a morning beach walk and we all had breakfast on the hotel's front porch.

It was a gorgeous day, and we spent most of the morning at the pool.

Then we headed into town for lunch at a Mexican place and some walking around.

When Meg, Emil, Glorina, and Roman came to town, some people headed out on an Art's Dune Tour, some walked around town appreciating the art, and some relaxed back at the hotel.

Dinner was excellent burgers on a patio, and everyone was happy.

Sunday morning was distinctly chillier and also raining--not quite as nice a beach or pool day, unfortunately.

We had a nice breakfast and great Father's Day morning out on the hotel porch, though.

Then we all went to town and enjoyed the shark museum on the pier, where the Whydah museum used to be.

After the museum, Robert, Marcus, and Roman walked out on the causeway, braving the incoming tide, while the rest of us...did not.

For dinner we did take-out Chinese near the firepit, and it stopped raining in time to enjoy a little bit of (brisk) beach-walking.

Glorina decided she's adopting Marcus as a new big brother.

Robert spent some quality time doing puzzles (his favorite) with little girls.

Monday morning was sunny, warmer than Sunday though cooler than Saturday, but that didn't stop most people from enjoying the pool again.

We did lunch back in town, delicious wraps and lobster rolls, and then took the ferry home.

Next year, we'll be back again!


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