May and June 2022

Summer's here, May and June are done. How did that happen? Our kids are tall and tanning, summer activities are in full swing, and here are a few highlights of the past two months.


Mother's Day


Indoor/outdoor fun


Biking to school and teeball


Making new friends


Marcus's first real paying gig--umping!


Sunday School end-of-the-year celebrations


Dino Day and carousels


Garba lessons and public art


Fun with neighbors


Panels with colleagues


Creativity in action


More biking adventures


More fun with friends


Boston Children's Chorus end-of-year concert


Final teeball practice--water balloons!


More fun with friends


Final teeball game--with popsicles!


Spring shabu shabu


Wicked and a day out downtown


Garden growth, and Father's Day art


End-of-year concerts


Summer track and dinners out


The bike Marcus built at Bikes Not Bombs


More biking fun


The computer Marcus built at home


Anniverary present mugs (4! years, as Robert likes to call it)


Final soccer practice


Downtown block party for the awesome mural by Rob Problak Gibbs, with skating fun


Beach party day in East Boston


Going away block party for Daniela, Raul, and Bruno


Saying goodbye to Bruno the next day


Even more biking fun


Library science show


Ready for summer!

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Created: 7/1/22. Last Modified: 7/1/22.