A New York Weekend (April 2022)

We finally got our long-delayed, twice-rescheduled "Hamilton" weekend in New York with Lyla and Emily! It was just a bonus that the mask requirement for transit was dropped a few days before we left, so everyone had a comfortable train trip down. Samantha's excitement bubbled over. Marcus napped.

It was the weekend after Easter, and there was a Sikh parade in midtown and flowers decking out so many different storefronts. We stayed at one of those clean-cramped-cheap Airbnb apartments in Koreatown that we like, and Saturday morning we walked to Australian meat pies and fancy croissants for breakfast.

Then Robert, Marcus, and Helen headed downtown to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Meanwhile Samantha and I wandered around some of the wholesale districts and then met up with Emily and Lyla, who drove in from New Jersey. We window-shopped and then had a Japanese lunch just up the block from the theatre.

The girls had an adventure in the line for the ladies' room at intermission, snaking through all the aisles in the orchestra section and eventually being ushered into the mens' room in order to make it back to their seats vaguely on time. The show, of course, was amazing. After the show, we went to the Milk Bar for customize-your-own pints of ice cream with cake crumbles and truffles and sauces, and talked and basked.

Eventually Emily and Lyla had to head home, and we went for Korean bbq for dinner.

On Sunday morning, we walked to Grand Central for donuts and then checked out the main library.

Then we walked down to the student galleries and the museum at FIT.

"This is me, not getting that...dress?" said Marcus.

Dim sum and Peking duck in midtown, then a stop for rainbow (Liberty) bagels to eat on the train home, and the weekend was a beautiful, delicious, long-awaited wrap.


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