Helen's 6th Birthday

Helen turned six on a Friday, the same day as she was born. She went to school and was thrilled that they sang happy birthday to her in orchestra and then that Ms. Garcelon gave her a birthday crown to wear in their classroom. Before school, Samantha gave her some tee shirts (unicorn and mermaid) that she'd made for her with the Cricut, and after school Marcus gave her a 24" purple axolotl squishmallow.

It's hard to say which set of gifts she loved more. We gave her an Elsa dress, and her party the next day was Elsa-themed.

Before the party, we went to the library and the CSA pick-up, and then came back to blow up balloons and get ready.

For some of her friends, this was the first birthday party they had ever been to; for nearly all of them, it was the first in 2+ years, outside of small family or pod "parties."

We ended up with 18 kids and 21 adults there, with kids from the block, from our friend group, from school, and from Sunday School.

Marcus and Samantha pretty much hid upstairs, avoiding the hoard of Elsa-dressed children, and though there was some chaos, there was also a great deal of happiness.

Samantha had done snowflake cookie-decorating a day or so before the party, and I made a blue jello drip cake and a "frozen" blue punch.

There were also make-your-own crown and wand kits, and a pin-the-nose-on-Olaf game, but mostly the kids just ran around and played together.

Helen was a good candle blower-outer, and grown-ups and kids alike all had a lot of fun.


At the end of the day, Samantha and Esme and Helen and Shanti hung out, the little girls thrilled to chat with the big ones and share candy, and a happy Elsa said goodnight.


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