Winter 2022: January, February, and Early March in Boston

It's been two months of warm days, then snow, then warm days, then snow. We've celebrated birthdays, gotten together with friends, and generally stayed busy, but I think we are all now ready for spring. A few highlights follow.


We celebrated Shanti's 4th birthday party at Kelly Rink.


And Robert's 49th birthday at home:


For Pop-pop's 84th birthday we went to a Lebanese restaurant in West Roxbury, with live music, dancing, and singing.


Jess's birthday was at Meg's house, with little-girl fun in one room, charcuterie, and cupcakes. And yes, Sarah has her eyes closed in that pic...


Meanwhile, Helen's been having great fun in school and in orchestra, of course.


One 60-degree Saturday we went to the "Winter Warmer" at Moakley Park with Bruno from down the block:


On a slightly chillier day, we ate lunch at the Boston Public Market and then went to the U.S.S. Constitution ship and museum:


One Sunday afternoon Elsa came to the Kelly Rink, and both Helen and Shanti loved skating with her.


On Saturday mornings, Helen has dance at Urbanity in the South End and Samantha has the Boston Children's Chorus in Dorchester. Sometimes we stop into the various awesome Vietnamese places near the chorus before we pick her up.


One weekend we went with my parents to the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum near the reservoir. What a neat museum, and we had it entirely to ourselves.


Breakfasts with Robert's father and Helen's art!


We've been working to get a home set up for our new Afghan neighbors, right near Forest Hills, and in addition to gathering items galore, we even got to host them for lunch one day this week. On the Sunday we got their apartment in order, over a dozen people helped, and Samantha babysat Helen, Evie, and Glorina for a few hours.


Multi-family outing to the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit at SoWa!


Marcus keeps busy too. Friday night Magic with a friend at Tavern of Tales, and ski trips with YES.


We went to a BU women's hockey game with friends and then on a separate day to Disney on Ice at the Garden.


As I've said, part of these past couple months has been snowy!


Adventures in Sunday School--finding lost sheep, learning about the power of yeast, and more!


Helen and I did a parent-child basketweaving class at the Eliot School.


Warmer days mean non-snowy playtime with neighbors, too.


Drive-in movie in Waltham--we put Samantha in the van with the little girls, and Sarah and Sean and Robert and I sat in their car in the next spot over. It was shockingly harmonious.


Neighbor babysitting fun. Helen is pretty sure she did the babysitting, and maybe she really did.


Just some fun around the house...matching pajamas, babywearing, baths, homegrown mushrooms, puzzles, Lego, and board games.


Valentine's Day at Downtown Crossing.


Robert's mother came out for a weekend visit, and we went to the maple syrup demonstration event at the Boston Nature Center.


Samantha has been making good use of her birthday-present Cricut.


She's been creating in other ways, too:


And Helen, not to be outdone, has to keep pace with her artistic output as well:


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