Cape Cod Vacation 2021

We had another Massachusetts-based vacation this summer, in all the pandemic weirdness--we spent three nights in the AutoCamp Cape Cod in Falmouth, sleeping in a luxuriously kitted-out Airstream trailer, with a tent in the yard for the girls, and then we took the ferry to the Vineyard and spent two nights in a rented apartment just on the outskirts of Oak Bluffs. Here are just a few highlights of the trip!


Fancy milkshakes at a stop in Plymouth on the way down to the Cape:

Falmouth bike riding behind the resort to the beach, one day with a friend Helen had known since they were babies in a baby class together:


Backyard, cooking over our firepit:

Fishing charter for striped bass out of Barnstable:

Whydah museum, and Coast Guard museum, on different days:

Skull Island mini golf (and Marcus's first time driving a go-kart all on his own; Helen rode with me and Samantha with Robert):

Oak Bluffs carousel, where Marcus got the brass ring--notably, on his first time ever on the carousel (Robert would like to point out that he's spent almost his entire life trying to accomplish that feat):

Right after the carousel, we got lunch from a great little West Indian take-out place, and at it at the picnic table in front of the carousel, near the town information booth. Helen had been observing the woman in the information booth for awhile, and then the woman offered Helen the rest of her chicken fingers, waxing rhapsodic about how good they were. Robert engaged her in conversation about whether she'd been given free lunches by all the places around, and she said no (surprisingly, to Robert), only the chowder company had come over with some chowder for her one day this summer. After this long conversation, and after Helen was done with the chicken fingers, she turned to me and said out of nowhere that she'd figured out what she wanted to be with she grew up up: either a teacher, or a dancer, or that woman in the information booth answering everyone's questions. Obviously.

Noman's restaurant, right by our hotel/apartment, with lawn games and instant friends:

Donuts After Dark at Back Door Donuts in Oak Bluffs:

The beach between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown:

Walking around Edgartown, breakfast in Oak Bluffs, window-shopping:

Oak Bluffs hanging out:

Edgartown Lighthouse:



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