Labor Day Weekend Camping with Friends

Wells State Park, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

After skipping 2020 because 2020, we made our annual camping-with-friends long weekend happen once again, this time in Central Mass. Despite the torturous traffic for Emily and Nathaniel on Saturday, and the bizarrely uneven campsites (some huge, some tiny; some steep, some grassy and flat; nearly all with odd rocks right where you'd want to pitch a tent) and the off and on rain all weekend, we had a fantastic time. Apple-picking and a chance to hang out with Suzi's family, in the state for the weekend to visit in-laws, were just bonuses. Next year the kids are doing all the cooking, we think. There are enough of them, and they're sure big enough.


Apple picking




Hammock fun


Setting up


Appreciating the tents


Cooking and eating


Little girl friend time, at the campsite or the lake


Heading home (taking out the trash)


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Created: 10/05/21. Last Modified: 10/05/21.