Winter 2020-2021

Here we are again--December and January, no winter trips for us this year, but some good times at home and with our close "podded" friends, and a little bit (when the reopening cooperated) around the city.


Get-togethers with Evie:


Recess, at the playground when it's rainy or on our block:


Marcus's 7th grade science project--determining the effect of butter, egg, and final dough temperature on chocolate chip cookies:


Warming their feet near the heat vent:


Sibling time:


Visits with Pop-pop and Grandma:


Art--Samantha's quidditch interpretation, and Helen's Triwizard ball interpretation:

Marcus's Yoda, Samantha's illustated book, Helen's rainbow:

Helen's dragons and Helen and Samantha's salt watercolors:

Helen's fish and orchestras:

Helen's arm tree, Helen and Samantha's illustrated book, Helen's shield:


Fun take-out treats, from Third Cliff Bakery, handmade boba and fantastic custards from Chinatown, and Persian kebab:


Just hanging about--eating batter, reading to dolls, checking out neighborhood art, visiting Little Free libraries, playing with Legos, playing with a neighbor:


Trying out new-to-us playgrounds:


Bike errands, mostly to the library, but also bringing two weeks' worth of groceries to families that had to quarantine because they tested positive:


Children's Museum:


Museum of Science, especially their holiday trains and their interactive Pixar exhibit:




Samantha's birthday--online Taza chocolate tasting, and Chinese food delivery with steamed soup buns:


Pre-Christmas snowstorm:


Robert's birthday sushi dinner with friends:


Robert's birthday cake, with an absurd number (48!!!) of candles:


Ice skating--lessons on Saturday for Samantha, and the occasional open skate (when Robert can go ahead to wait on a 90-minute-long line for a couple slots) for both girls:


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