My Fifteen-Year Wellesley Reunion

Thinking back to my five-year reunion and my ten-year reunion, I realized a lot has happened since then. It's great to hang out with old friends, of course, but it's also great to connect with people I vaguely remember but wasn't really close friends with only because of accidents like proximity, major, etc., and it's really wonderful to meet alums from other years (1957 to 1992) who offer this weird glimpse into possible Wellesley futures. This was the young-child reunion for many of us, apparently--the number of strollers at my class events was large indeed. Looking ahead, though, ten years from now we'll probably be like the class of 1987 and have our banner in the parade held by a gaggle of our tween daughters. Whoa. In any case, despite the nigh-perpetual rain, it was a fabulous weekend. The campus was as beautiful as ever, and Wellesley, of course, knows how to do events. From step-singing on Friday and the bonfire/s'mores that night to a kids' field day with a balloon artist in the field house on Saturday to the multifaith chapel service and then boating on Sunday and finally the alumnae parade and goodbye lunch, we had a wonderful time.


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