Minnesota Trip June 2012

We spent the weekend in Minnesota to celebrate cousin Lexi's high school graduation, introduce Samantha to the family, and take advantage of the fact that Robert had a meeting in Minneapolis already scheduled, so his flight and car would be free. I flew out with both kids to meet him on Thursday, though he'd arrived on Wednesday, and when his meeting was over he picked us up at the airport in our Thrifty "Wild Card" car (a gorgeous red Mustang convertible, with just two seats in the back--perfect for Marcus and Samantha).

Leaving out of Boston, and readjusting all our luggage upon arrival in Minnesota; showing off our car.

A quick stop at La Hacienda on 7th Street for chicken flautas and some pupusas, a fast check-in at our Country Inn and Suites hotel (sadly, it wasn't the Back to the Fifties classic car weekend, so the parking lot was not the car show it had been other years), and we were on our way to see the family at Uncle Mike's house for dinner and a dip in the lake and some time for Marcus and Gavin (just four months apart in age) to play together.

Friday we went to the Minnesota Children's Museum with my friend Jen and her kids Caroline and "Joshua"; Marcus and Brady had a fabulous time there, and of course the whole weekend, with Brady playing the wonderful big cousin.

At the children's museum; in Uncle Frank's back yard with Great-Uncle Louie; playing happily with Brady.

Vanessa met us for lunch downtown and took us to this great old-fashioned candy store which makes their own caramel-covered marshmallows--possibly the most delicious thing I've ever eaten.

Saturday we took advantage of cousin Susie's hospitality and let Marcus and Brady ride around on her horse Chloe for a bit before going to Osaka in Maplewood for all-you-can-eat sushi with Judy and two sleepy (and free) kids.

Then it was the graduation party at Michael's house, with another late-night (they close at 10:00) Culver's run for frozen custard and cheese curds.

Marcus catching his first fish ever, with help from Mark and Peter to get the lure/hook/equipment all set up.

Sunday we visited Robert's Uncle Joe and then everyone went over to Brian and Bridget's place for some pontoon boating and general family fun.

We flew home late Sunday night--both kids were perfect on the flights, and Marcus in particular was such a wonderful little cousin and big brother this entire trip. "Mommy," he said, "When are we going to Brady's house again?"

Marcus, having gotten into a better-fitting lifejacket, and still clutching a three-quarters-eaten hot dog, falling sound asleep while sitting up on the boat. Two sleeping kids!

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