Plymouth Trip

We spent Labor Day weekend in an AirBnB house two blocks from a private-access beach in Plymouth. It wasn't anything fancy, but the house was comfortable and had a nice large yard, and the beach was gorgeous and mostly pretty empty.

We grilled giant steaks one night, and Marcus made pancakes one morning. There was plenty of lemonade and berries and other treats too, of course.

Our children slowly started to understand live television. "So...they just stream whatever it is they think you want to watch?" Samantha asked. Marcus loved watching the Tour de France and the U.S. Open, both of which seemed to be on constantly, and all the kids were glued to Iron Chef...when they weren't using the built-in vacuum, which Samantha demonstrated for the little girls, and used to pick up all the sand we kept tracking in.

We ate most of our meals on the giant picnic table in the backyard. We also sometimes played board games there, and Sean led a watercolor class there one afternoon, while Robert and I were running over to the Lobster Hut on the waterfront to bring back fried scallops, clams, fish, and shrimp.

We kept the beach tent set up in the yard and the little girls played in and out of it at various points.

We went to the beach every morning and then back again every evening. At low tide the sand stretched out so far that even the boating boundary rope was lying on the sand exposed. Samantha would wade out as far as she needed to, and she would spend an hour swimming back and forth, usually with Robert, each day.

I sat pretty happily under the beach tent and read, sometimes doling out chips to assorted sandy children.

And Marcus worked on skipping stones and helping with the sand structures. Sean, of course, takes his sand castle creation very seriously.

On Sunday afternoon, in a light drizzle after some rain, we went into town to Peaceful Meadows ice cream; we got one of their big take-home sundae packs with lots of toppings and ice cream. Delicious!

Deserted sunset beach walks were some of the best.

On Monday, after a last beach trip, we drove back to Boston, stopping at Singh's Roti in Dorchester for some excellent West Indian take-out, and then a picnic at the back side of the zoo entrance in Franklin Park. Happy times all around!


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